What are the main ways of printing

The main modern printing methods are Intaglio printing, screen printing, offset printing, pad printing, digital printing, flexo printing, inkjet printing, digital printing.And according to the customer's requirements and industry attributes to choose the appropriate way of printing. Below we will introduce you the detail way of membership card printing.

Screen printing: Screen printing with screen as a base, and through photosensitive platemaking method, to produce a screen plate with pictures.Screen printing consists of five main elements, screen plate, scraper, ink, printing table and substrate.Using the screen printing plate part of the graphic mesh can be through the ink basic principle.During printing, the ink is poured into one end of the screen plate, and squeegees are used to exert certain pressure on the ink part of the screen plate. At the same time, the ink moves at a constant speed toward the other end of the screen plate. During the movement, the ink from the mesh of the picture and text part to the substrate.

Intaglio printing: make the entire surface of the printing plate covered with ink, and then use a special scraping mechanism to remove the blank part of the ink, so that the ink is only left in the picture and text part of the mesh, and then under greater pressure, the ink transferred to the surface of the substrate, to obtain print. Intaglio printing belongs to direct printing.The graphic part of the printing plate is concave, and the degree of sag varies with the depth of the image, the blank part of the printing plate is convex, and on the same plane.

Pad printing: it is one of the special printing methods.It can print text, graphics and images on the surface of irregular objects and is now becoming an important special type of printing.For example, text and patterns on the surface of mobile phones are printed in this way, and the surface printing of computer keyboards, instruments, meters and many other electronic products is completed by pad printing.

Flexo printing: Printing using a flexo plate by transferring ink through an anilox roller. Flexo is a type of letterpress printing process.Flexible printing plate part of the picture and text convex, printing anilox roller will be a certain thickness of the ink layer evenly coated in the picture and text part of the plate, and then under the role of the pressure of the imprint cylinder, the text and text part of the ink layer transferred to the surface of the substrate, to form a clear picture and text.

Ink-jet printing: An ink-jet printer is a "contact-free" ink-jet type of high-tech digital printing equipment.Therefore, it can not be subject to any material restrictions, can be in wood, glass, crystal, metal plate, floor tile, porcelain, CD, acrylic, plexiglass, EVA.KT board, leather, silica gel, plastic, PP, PE, PVC, cloth, self-adhesive, stone and other surface color photo printing.No matter it is simple block color pattern, full color pattern or pattern with excessive color, it can be printed at one time.There is no need for plate making, plate printing and repeated color setting. The color is beautiful and the effect is vivid. The image is waterproof, sunscreen, wear resistant and has strong adhesion, no fading, the machine is easy to operate and has stable performance.

Offset printing: Transfer of ink to paper by means of a cylindrical gelatinous impression.Because the glue surface is flat, there is no concave pattern, so the printed patterns and patterns on the paper are also flat, there is no three-dimensional sense, poor anti-counterfeiting.Offset printing requires less ink, mold manufacturing cost is lower than gravure.

Digital printing: also known as short version printing or digital printing, it is different from traditional printing in that digital fast printing can be printed one piece, the data is variable, can also make the text and text to various media for dissemination, greatly improving the commercial application of digital imaging.Digital fast printing is a new printing technology which uses the pre-press system to transmit the image and text information directly to the digital printing machine to print the color printing.

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