Printing color and luminous color

CMYK is also known as print color mode, and the biggest difference from RGB is that RGB mode is a self-illumination color mode, where you can still see the contents of the screen in a dark room with no light.

CMYK is a color pattern that relies on reflection.We can read what is printed on a book because sunlight or light shines on it and reflects it back into our eyes.CMYK can only be seen if there is an external light source.So you can't read in a dark room.As long as the image is seen on the print medium is represented in CMYK mode.Such as periodicals, magazines, newspapers, brochures and so on.

CMY is a color pattern used in color printing.Using the principle of three primary colors and black ink, a total of four colors are mixed and superposition to form the so-called "full color printing".The four standard colors are: C: Cyan = Cyan, also known as' sky blue 'or' azure 'M: Magenta = Magenta, also known as' Magenta';Y: Yellow = Yellow;K: blacK= blacK. To avoid confusion with Blue, the last letter K is used instead of the beginning B.CMYK mode is subtractive mode, and the corresponding RGB mode is additive mode.

In theory, only three kinds of CMY ink is enough.If you add CMY together, you should get black.But the high - purity ink can not be achieved for the time being, the result of the CMY mixture is dark red.Therefore, in order to ensure the output of black, it is necessary to add a special black ink.Each CMYK four-color ink can be used from 0 to 100% value.The printing ink color percentage specified for the lightest color is lower, while the percentage specified for darker colors is higher.For example, bright red may contain 2% cyan, 93% magenta, 90% yellow, and 0% black.

The RGB color model is an industry color standard.It is through the red (R), green (G), blue (B) three color channel changes and their overlay each other to get a variety of colors.RGB is the color representing the red, green, and blue channels.RGB is designed based on the principle of color luminescence.The common point says its color to mix the way is like to have red, green, blue 3 lamps, when their light overlap each other, color mixes, and brightness is equal to the sum of brightness of 3 people however, the more mixed the brightness is higher.Red, green, blue three lamp overlay, the center of the brightest three-color overlay area is white.

What happens if you use RGB for printing?

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