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Self Service Card Vending&Rechager Kiosk

With the progress of internet technology and popularization, it not only changes people's life& production ways, but more deeply changes people's way of thinking and behavior. The type of self card vending&recharge kiosk is more and more abundant, the technology content is also higher and higher.
Self service terminals have functions of self-service recharge, information query, print and smart management,with 24-hour self-service unattended feature, maximizing expand the business process channels, business sites and human services. Self service is available to realize in self-service halls, bus stations, tourist attractions, cinemas, securities halls, airports, campuses, hospitals, taxation, and electricity ect.
1、Simple operation, fast and convenient; Clear and accurate information classification ; Safe&reliable date storage;
2、New members apply for self-service card, through biometric identification and credential scanner or other identification records, then make payment on the kiosk
3、Old members make self-service payment by reading RFID card
4、Advertising screen for commercial advertising or noticel;
5、Multi-functional self-service terminal appearance accords with ergonomic design, the location operation and designed height ensure the convenience and comfort;
6、Made of cold-rolled steel material, waterproof, antimagnetic, wear-resistant, anti-static, metal painting on the surface, professional screen printing to ensure that the relevant long-term logo does not fade, do not fade, exquisite production technology;
7、The location of each device operating components hierarchical design, to ensure the distribution of parts reasonable and humane; structure reserved extensible module design to ensure that equipment scalability;
Self service card vending&rechager kiosk is precisely because of simple and efficient use of experience, winning more and more users, creating a new mode for information dissemination and business.